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Gold Secrets Guide Exposed!

Gold Secrets Guide Review

Hey, James here again,

This is an uncensored review of Luke Brown’s Gold Secrets Guide.

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Why am I writing this?  Well, its like I said in my about me page.  A few years ago when I swapped jobs the amount of time I had to play Wow was cut in half however I didn’t want to fall behind my fellow players so I started buying some different gold guides.  I couldn’t find many honest reviews and so I ended up buying a bunch of junk so I thought I’d quickly write one to help anyone in the same position.

Be warned though, this is a real review of the Gold Secrets Guide so I am going to cover both good and bad points, so if that’s not something you are looking for you might as well leave now.

Gold Secrets Guide Pros:

  • 100 % Legal so you won’t get BANNED (No Hacks or Cheats)
  • Free Lifetime Updates (yep that includes Wrath of the Lich King)
  • Has been working for Horde or Alliance players for over 4 years
  • Instant download so no waiting to get your 325 page Secret Gold Guide!
  • Includes secret farming spots not even gold farmers are using
  • Several freebie bonuses including a guide all about the auction house
  • 100% money back guarantee

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Ok, so that’s a decent size list but I wanted to share some of my personal experiences with the guide.  When I first got it I was a little irritated because would you believe it the table of contents is over 9 pages long.  I really didn’t know where to start.  I briefly skimmed through all the heading though and picked a few I wanted to try.  They worked like magic.  One specific tactic I liked was the using other people’s professions to make money section.  This is something I’ve been perfecting since reading Luke’s Gold Secrets Guide and I’ve had incredible results.

Gold Secrets Guide Cons

  • For a guide with so much content there could be more illustrations.  I’m not a fan of heavy reading.
  • The guide is printed in some funky font that makes reading it extra annoying
  • I’d like to see Luke separate the older content (Vanilla Wow) into a separate guide so its not cluttering up the Wotlk content

So, that’s pretty much what I thought of the Gold Secrets Guide.  Overall, I’d give it a 8 or 9 on a scale of 1-10.  One thing I didn’t mention was Luke’s guide seems to be the cheapest useful guide I found.  All the research I did indicates he has the number one selling gold guide for Wow though so I guess he is able to get away with selling it for less.

All in all I think Gold Secrets is worth the money and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in making more gold in less time in World of Warcraft.

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Gold Secrets Guide – A few tricks

Welcome back everyone,

I promised I was going to do a post about some of the gold making secrets I have come up with.  Now my ideas probably aren’t as good as some of the stuff I read in Luke’s book but I can’t break his copyright on his Gold Secrets Guide.  I haven’t actually spoke to him to see if he’d agree to let me give away the best stuff but hey anything for free is ok in my book how about yours?

Gold Secrets Guide .org Tip # 1

  • When you are playing the action house be mindful of the time of day / week.  The same item will have different values regardless of the server.  For example, items that are needed for raids will be much higher on the auction house just before traditional raid times on your server.  A good rule of thumb is to buy on weekends when players are going crazy undercutting each other and then sell on raid days during the way.

Gold Secrets Guide .org Tip #2

  • Learn to use other players’ professions.  Often times you can get away with using gathering professions if you have a guildie or friend who is a crafter.  If not then you can always find someone in trade willing to sell their skill.  Many times you can find mats for an item on the Warcraft auction house much cheaper than you can actually buy the item for.  Buy the mats, tip a crafter, and relist the finished product.

Gold Secrets Guide .org Tip #3

  • Don’t be afraid to vendor items.  So many players get caught up in selling on the auction house sometimes they actually list so low that after the fees they would have made more just selling to a vendor.  Greens are a great example.  Some of those suckers are so high to list you can spend more than you make. I usually just vendor them and save myself a lot of time and headaches.

Ok, so those are the three freebie tips I have for you today.  Like I said, I’m just an average player so you may already know all of that but Luke has some better stuff in his Gold Secrets Guide so if you’d like check it out.

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Gold Secrets Guide – What is it?

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to welcome you all to the site.  Basically this entire site is dedicated to getting the word out about my favorite World of Warcraft gold guide which is the Gold Secrets Guide by Luke Brown.  I bought this guide way back during Burning Crusade and have been very happy with the way Luke has kept it updated all this time even adding new content after patches in Wrath.

I have spent over 600 bucks on guides since becoming a bit of a fanatic about Wow a few years ago.  It started as a quest to make more gold in less time but soon I just liked reviewing the guides.  I tried building a few sites before but lost interest as I tried to be the next Wow wiki or something.  This time I just wanted to keep it small and let everyone know how great this Gold Secrets Guide really is.

The guide is over 300 pages long and comes with a slew of bonuses to keep you rolling in the coins for quite some time to come lol.  Anyway, I just wanted to give a little introduction.  I am going to put together some useful tips and tricks together for you all in the following days so check back soon.

About Me

Hey, thanks for stopping by my Gold Secrets Guide review. I'm James and I've been a hardcore Wow gamer now since 2005. If you'd like to know more about me check out my About page. Thanks!

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Here is a screenshot of one of my character's from December of 2009. I've been playing Wow for five years now juggling it between a 45 hour a week job, my wife, and three children! If I can make this kind of gold anyone can.